Monday Books No. 17: Pachinko

Aloha! Welcome to Monday Books in 2021.

I’ll be recommending Greatest Hits and more recent titles by Asian/Asian American women writers TWICE a month.

To kick off 2021, I want to recommend Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Despite its length and its weighty subject matter, this is a book for everyone. It’s a book for someone who favors plot twist; it’s a book that gives a broad stroke overview of Koreans in Japan; it’s a book that reveals gender role obligations; it’s a book that never condescends to the reader. It resonates without judgement and offers hard truths without polemics.

The magic? Lee likes people. She gives us the turbulence of human experience: There is hope, pathos, and yes, han–the untranslatable Korean word that speaks to sorrow, perseverance, resilience, determination, intractable spirit, and memory.

This is a great book! Read it.

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